Friday, May 1, 2009

Flashpoint: Book One of the Underground
by Frank Creed

Persecution in Chicago has reached the Flashpoint.

In the year 2036, all nations are run by a one-world government. The One State has only one threat: Fundamentalist terrorists. The One State has declared that every Fundamentalist is a terrorist including Bible believing Christians!

But the One State has not yet encountered Calamity Kid and e-girl . . .

When peacekeepers bust a home-church in Ward-Six of the Chicago Metroplex, brother and sister, Dave and Jen Williams, are the only members who evade capture. Their only place to turn? A Christian ‘terrorist’ cell known as the Body of Christ.

In their shattered world, Dave and Jen adopt codenames and slip between the Underground cracks of the Chicago Metroplex. They must save their home-church before their parents, brother, and neighbors are all brainwashed by the One State Neros.

Calamity Kid and e-girl fearlessly walk the valley of death, because He is with them. But they’ll need every molecule of their re-formed faith to face down peacekeepers, gangers, One-State Neros, and fallen-angels, in America’s dark Post-Modern Humanist age.

Available from The Writers' Cafe Press and at Amazon.

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