Wednesday, December 31, 2008

League of Superheroes
by Stephen L. Rice

Four teenage boys and one little sister discover someone in a chat room who claims to be a little girl named Genie, but whose scientific knowledge and technology are a few centuries ahead of anyone else.

Who or what is Genie? The most intelligent mortal in history—an integral part of the most powerful force mankind has ever unleashed. And she does not consider herself subject to the laws of God or man.

On a whim, Genie transforms her new friends into the League of Superheroes:

  • Titan—a walking and flying tank—is Rod Davies, a klutzy, diplomacy-impaired beanpole who is also a certified genius in math and physics;

  • Darklight—an invisible spy—is the narrator, Tom Reilly, a scientifically inclined polyglot;

  • Tachyon—able to speed or slow time in his area—is Allen Peters, super-hacker;

  • Micromegas—a size-changer—is Charlie Taylor, who hopes someday to be a medical missionary.

And then there are Clarice Peters, Allen's little sister and perhaps Genie's best friend, and "Uncle," the mysterious elderly man who was the first to treat Genie like a human being. . .

But can even superheroes save her (and the world) from her so-called creators—and from Genie herself?

Available at The Writer's Cafe Press.

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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Laser and Sword

Contains every story from the first four installments of Laser and Sword Magazine. The main storylines:

* The Sword, Sword Comics owner Jesse Miller seeks to defeat terrorism by uniting the world’s greatest superheros. Will he learn bad guys masquerade as good guys before the traitor in their midst sends the heroes to their doom?

* Snyder, a juvenile delinquent living in the 78th Year of the Empire, loathes Earth’s dictator while hailing the regime’s American governor as a hero. Getting caught meting out vigilante justice gets him inducted into the Imperial Army under threat of a noose. Can a double agent get Snyder back on the right track? Will Snyder survive to discover his destiny?

* Lastly, Mild Mannered Janitor Dave Johnson discovers a symbiotic alien and this superfan’s dreams of being a superhero come true with hilarious results. One question haunts: can there be such a thing as a good Symbiot, even if he is a silver cylinder rather than black tar?

Now available from Lulu.

Cover art by Melinda Reynolds.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Forsaking the Call
by Lynn McMonigal

Joel turned his back on God 15 years ago, and has never regretted it. Now his wife is in the midst of an unexpected and very stressful pregnancy. When she turns to prayer and faith to get through, Joel is forced to face his past. Can he put aside his anger at God to give his wife the peace she needs to get through this difficult time?

Now available on CreateSpace.

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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Avenging Angel
by Kim Smith

Avenging Angel: A Shannon Wallace Mystery

by Kim Smith

Shannon Wallace is having a bad hair week. 
She's been ditched by her job, dumped by her boyfriend and implicated in his murder.
When their collection of very private videos turns up missing, it's all out war to recover them before the cops do.
But the killer has them and he's watched them.
Now Shannon is at the top of HIS most wanted list!

Get it now at Red Rose Publishing

Update - Reviews for this book can be found at Red Rose Publishing and The Muse Book Reviews