Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sisters in Time
by Ginger Simpson

Do you believe in time travel?

Two eras collide when a modern day attorney and a pioneer wife find themselves locked in a time not their own.

Mariah Cassidy awakens in the twentieth century. Confined in a pristine environment, hooked to tubes and beeping machines, she’s scared, confused and wondering why everyone keeps calling her Mrs. Morgan. Who is the strange man who keeps massaging her forehead and telling her everything is going to be all right?

Taylor Morgan tries to focus on her surroundings through a blinding headache. The patchwork quilt, the water basin, and the archaic room don’t strike a familiar chord. Her mouth gapes when a handsome man waltzes into the room, calls her darling, and expresses his delight that she’s on the road to recovery.

Available from Eternal Press where you can read an excerpt.

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Second Chances
by Nika Dixon

Sometimes the second time around can be deadly!

Jackson Hale is through with rescuing Casey Marshall. Her crazy stunts and complete disregard for her own safety goes against everything he believes in. But when she witnesses a murder, he’s duty bound to help. As he scrambles to keep her alive, he discovers the true woman beneath the crazy antics, and is left to question everything. If he can’t trust his eyes, how can he trust his heart?

Casey has spent her entire life trying to get Jackson’s attention. She discovers all it takes is a dead body and a black hole in her memory. Together, on the run from hired killers, Casey realizes that the only way to keep Jackson safe is to push him away. Even if it costs her a chance at forever. . .and her very life.

Available from Red Rose Publishing where you can read an excerpt.

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Friday, June 19, 2009

Children of the Mist
by Hywela Lyn

Two minds united against a common foe. Two hearts afraid to show their love:

Long ago Tamarith fell for a man she knew she could never have, and she is convinced she will never love another. However, she cannot help but be intrigued by the handsome young stranger whose psychic powers exceed even her own.

Vidarh seeks only to find his purpose in life and to win the regard of his father. Thrown together by circumstances, then parted by an evil greater than they could have imagined, can Vidarh save the lovely woman who captivates him, before it is too late? Will he overcome the deadly enemy who threatens to destroy their planet - and will they find the happiness they both seek, or are they fated to live their lives alone?

Available from Wild Rose Press and Amazon.

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Friday, June 12, 2009

by Hywela Lyn

Love was the last thing on her mind. . .

When Jestine Darnell is rescued from her sabotaged starship by the crew of the Destiny her only objective is to complete her mission and keep her promise to save a world from slavery. Love is the last thing on her mind. However, she has not counted on losing her heart to Kerry Marchant the ship’s second in command, who makes his distrust of her painfully obvious, despite the chemistry between them. The completion of her mission has consequences that neither of them could have foreseen.

Enter Dahll Tarron, who becomes involved in a long and dangerous quest to find the Destiny. Fates become intertwined, perils shared, culminating in the realization that sometimes love may be so close that there is a danger it will not be recognized until it is too late. . .

Available from Wild Rose Press and Amazon.

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Watch next Friday for the release of the sequel, Children of the Mist.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Dark Reflection
by Daniel Clarence Cobb

Face-to-face with the dark side of her soul. . .

When Princess Angel finds a mirror in a haunted castle, her dark reflection comes to life. Her simple life shatters - she must find the missing pieces. Unless she puts it back together in time, she’ll fade away forever. Facing Shadow the Witch, she becomes her own worst enemy. Will she be able to defeat the dark side of her soul that she can’t control? Until her heart is broken, it will never be whole!

It’s up to brave Prince Paladin and Starlight, a white unicorn, to slay the Dragon King who kidnapped her. Now she has to dream the darkness away or she’ll be trapped in a nightmarish reality turned upside-down. With the fate of her world hanging by a thread, she gets caught in a web of confusion. Can the prince save her before it’s too late?

Available direct from Xulon Press or call toll-free at 1-866-909-BOOK.

Also available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Borders, and Target.

Follow these links to view some Artwork, read some Poetry, and listen to some Music inspired by the book.

Friday, June 5, 2009

by Bill McGrath

The Sword of Fire saga continues:

The Travelers have escaped Emperor Antiochus, along with the Anakim, the giant Sons of Anak. They sail to Eretzel, the land where east meets west and where the nations of the earth gather to make war. The Anakim have sworn revenge upon the murderer of their father Anak. But can a being who has killed an angel be defeated by mere giants?

Available from Amazon, Target, and Barnes & Noble
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Bonus: Visit my Sword of Fire page to read some sample chapters.