Thursday, January 8, 2009

Rattlesnake Jam
by Margot Finke

"A Rhyming Romp of a Tale" 

For year-after-year, our crazy old Gran 
Nagged Pa into filling her best cooking pan 
Gran cooked up some doozeys but her best of all scam 
Was the bottling and selling of rattlesnake jam.

Beautifully illustrated by Kevin Scott Collier.
Published by Guardian Angel Publishing.

Available in Softcover, Download, or on CD.

Buy the softcover from the author's website and receive a personal autograph, a bookmark, a coloring sheet and even a link to hear Margot read the book!

Be sure to visit Margot Finke's of Books for Children where you'll find lots of stuff to see and do. There's even a few authentic rattlesnake recipes from Gran's Kitchen!

Read Sally Murphy's "7 Questions" interview with Margot.

Catch Margot on Don McCauley's Author's Radio Show January 12.

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  1. WOW, as the author of this book, it is a lovely surprise to see it featured here. Thank you.

    I wrote "Rattlesnake Jam" for boys and reluctant readers. What boy could resist tagging along as Pa catches rattlers, and then watch, as Gran slices and dices them into her gooey green jam. Of course Pa longs for rattlesnake pie - but will Gran ever make it for him?

    Aha. . . You'll have to read it find find out!

    Margot Finke
    My 7 Book Rhyming Series
    Manuscript Critiques


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