Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Second Chances
by Nika Dixon

Sometimes the second time around can be deadly!

Jackson Hale is through with rescuing Casey Marshall. Her crazy stunts and complete disregard for her own safety goes against everything he believes in. But when she witnesses a murder, he’s duty bound to help. As he scrambles to keep her alive, he discovers the true woman beneath the crazy antics, and is left to question everything. If he can’t trust his eyes, how can he trust his heart?

Casey has spent her entire life trying to get Jackson’s attention. She discovers all it takes is a dead body and a black hole in her memory. Together, on the run from hired killers, Casey realizes that the only way to keep Jackson safe is to push him away. Even if it costs her a chance at forever. . .and her very life.

Available from Red Rose Publishing where you can read an excerpt.

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