Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Celtic Sacrifice
by Sheryl Brennan

“Do you know how to make the gods laugh, Ceana? Tell them of your plans…”

When members of the O'Connor clan come to claim Ceana O'Hagan on her eighteenth birthday, she believes her destiny is clear: to marry Cian O'Connor, become a druid priestess, and restore the mystic powers of a long-lost ancestor.

But the path becomes muddy when a mysterious stranger captures Ceana's heart, setting an alternate course of events into motion. Dangling within the chasms of religion, duty, and newly discovered emotions, will Ceana's desire to fulfill her tribal obligations force her to give up the love of Cian, her country, and her culture, or will she refuse to become the Celtic Sacrifice the English Crown demands?

Celtic Sacrifice - Book one of the Celtic Enchantment series.

Available from Underdog Press.

Watch the Book Trailer.

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